Paul Clifton

I am a design professional with a specific interest in publishing design, layout and production.

From an early career in cartography, I have developed a skills set that covers the full gamut of design and communications for a wide range of clients and products, from books, magazines and guides to websites, social media and videos.

I have extensive management abilities, great interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic.

What I Do

Publishing Design

Highly experienced in all aspects of desktop publishing, from product conception, design and planning through scheduling, budgeting, production, editing, advertising, proofing, print check, distribution, archiving and marketing. Experienced in dealing with every manner of printed and online products, including books, magazines, memes, EDMs, brochures, posters, maps, adverts, merchandising, billboards etc.


Fully qualified in the design and production of the full range of mapping products, from simple directional diagrams and tourist maps to topographic maps for governments.

Strategic Publications Advice

Able to provide advice on developing a strategy for new and refreshed publications. Including creating a communication plan, choosing print and/or digital formats and distribution models, selecting the best style, layout design and typography.

Editing and Copywriting

Highly experienced in writing for a full range of writing styles and narratives, as well as editing and proofreading for educational, entertainment, marketing, academic and social networking purposes. Experienced in editorial proofing for AGPS and APA style guides, and in working with foreign languages and scripts.

Major Achievements

2020-2022: Concept, design and production of Sentry e-magazine to support members during Covid lockdown.

2002-2022: Design, production and maintenance of the NTEU’s entire communications suite, including numerous print and online magazines, annual reports, booklets and guides, videos and stories, recruitment and campaign materials, training materials and merchandise.

2005-2014: Design overhaul of the print and digital communications of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival for greatest effect within a tight budget. Led by the annual Program Guide, pocket guides, website and online ticketing system, with accompanying marketing and communications materials (e-news, social media, signage etc.).

1995-2014: Building a successful and stable graphic design business, Beige Design, with a specific focus on delivering high quality, low cost, sustainable print and digital design products to small business clients.

1998-2002: Development, design and production of Lonely Planet’s City Maps series: 40 titles, including London City Map Winner, Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia (MSIA) Gold Award for Cartographic Excellence, 2001. And Lonely Planet’s Road Atlas series: 4 titles, including Australia Road Atlas, Winner, MSIA Gold Award for Cartographic Excellence, 2002.

1999-2001: Design and production of three Midsumma Festival program guides, and the development of processes to assist in ongoing, financially viable communications material.